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2017 offers no time to forget

Despite having a weird knack of remembering insignificant details and dates (you can ask Dr. Justin Ramos about that) and a borderline photographic memory, I tend to forget things.

I tend to forget what I like doing. I tend to forget why I do things. I tend to forget who I am in general.

Thankfully, the experiences of 2016 reminded me a lot. I remembered that I am a challenging person. I challenge people to the point where you question if I’m serious or not. Half the time, I am. Half the time, though, I’m trolling to get an emotional response out of him or her. The reasoning is quite simple: the challenge is intended to see if it is a legitimate emotional feeling or false feeling. We live in an era of false outrage, false empathy, or false sympathy. I simply want the real version of you. Some people handled it well. Others did not. Some got annoyed. Some laughed it off.

At the end of the day, however, I do not care what people think of me. Tranquilo, folks. Just. Calm. Down.

Without 2016, I would not have discovered this aspect of who I am. That’s 2016 in a nutshell for me. I made progress in discovering that aspect of myself. It really became clear in August when the “tranquilo” mindset kicked into high gear. I realized that I needed to focus on doing what I felt was right. Being “over it” was replaced with “Tranquilo. Just. Calm. Down.” “Over it” caused laziness and resentment. Tranquilo offered a serene sense of everything will work out because I control it. I focused on becoming ungovernable, a challenging spirit that did things his way because he felt in his heart that was the right thing to do.

There were people in my life who had a different vision than me. They are gone from my life at the moment. “Tranquilo. Just. Calm. Down.” does not work for them. They need people to be loved by people. While it is sad that we do not talk much anymore, it might be for the best. Time is an excellent way to let things rebuild. Our paths will cross again, but right now, we will go our separate ways. They were causing me to stagnate and not press forward.

As for goals? I have a one in mind at the moment.

I miss content creation. Being a teacher allows me to create content for my class regularly, which is its own challenge. But content for work and content for fun are two different environments. I discovered I like creating content not tied to work, but for my own personal enjoyment in 2016. So in 2017, my goal is simple – create content for the sake of creating.

2016 was a good year. I refused to focus on the things I cannot control and let that affect my view on the year. I was able to check off these boxes: I’m alive. I love me. I have everything I need to live the life I want.

I do not erase or forget the past. I simply look at it like this: lessons learned, memories created.

2017 will offer new challenges, new aspirations, new goals, and new people to meet. No matter what happens, though, I cannot forget what I like doing. I cannot forget why I do things. I cannot forget who I am in general.

More importantly, I cannot forget this: Tranquilo, Delos. Just. Calm. Down.


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