Poke. Is this thing still active?

The answer is yes.

I haven’t blogged in a while. In fact, it’s been close to a year since I last wrote here. It was my “March to Mania” and that was a fatiguing experience. I have finally recovered from watching all those Wrestlemanias in 30 days.

My lack of blogging comes down to this: I don’t have a take on anything worth blogging about. My life isn’t that interesting. I tend to keep my real thoughts within a small circle of people. If you want my thoughts about sports, there’s Twitter and I share a lot there. I don’t delve into political issues. I don’t delve into current event talks. I have opinions of these, but I’d just be another voice in a sea of voices with nothing new to say.

So what am I getting to?

I wanted to put this out there. I will be blogging in 2015 again. I’m not sure what I’ll be blogging about, but that’s one of my goals in 2015. I need to utilize this more and since I miss writing about things that I like writing about. I figured this place would be a great place to do so.

I have goals for 2015. There’s one goal that isn’t public, but there’s simple goals that I can accomplish:

  1. Read more – One to Two Books a Month. I’ll be keeping a running tally here. I also cannot have more than 15 single-issue comics outstanding.
  2. Write more – I need to tell stories. I need to write down my thoughts and expand on them.

Here’s to 2015. It’ll probably be similar to 2014.


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