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MARCH TO ‘MANIA: Was this Raw or Wrestlemania?

There’s no sugarcoating this, so I’ll just start the Wrestlemania 27 look back.


Wrestlemania 27 (Results)

Date: April 3, 2011

Arena: Georgia Dome (Atlanta, GA)

Attendance: 71,617

SUMMARY: The Rock returned to the WWE and quick embarked into a war of words with John Cena and the Miz. Cena won the Elimination Chamber match to earn the title shot at the Miz at Wrestlemania, where The Rock would serve as the special guest host. Meanwhile, Alberto Del Rio won the largest Royal Rumble ever, beating 39 other superstars to earn his shot at Edge, who was the World Heavyweight champion. The third main event featured Triple H who wanted to avenge his good friend Shawn Michaels and do what Shawn couldn’t do at Wrestlemania: beat the Undertaker.


FAVORITE MATCH: Triple H vs Undertaker. A far better effort than their Wrestlemania 17 match. Like any good story, the match has its phases. There’s the opening, the rising action and the moment when the villain (in this case, Triple H) is imploring the hero to stay down and give up. The drama is heightened when Triple H just yells, “Stay down! Just die already.” That is a moment where you root for the Undertaker to protect something that means so much to him. When Triple H grabs his trademark sledgehammer and then dragged into the Hell’s Gate (a really fake looking gogoplata), the desperation from both men is palpable. You have Taker squeezing everything he has to force Triple H to tap, while Triple H is frantically trying to find his sledgehammer to strike Undertaker with to end the match. The moment when Triple H gets his sledgehammer and holds it up and raises it enough to make people believe that he was going to hit Undertaker with it was a great spot. When he dropped it, the inevitable was coming and Triple H meekly tapped out to improve Undertaker to 19-0.

THINGS THAT MADE ME NOD IN APPROVAL: I’ll keep this brief. CM Punk and Randy Orton pulled off a good match that surprised me, which featured a well-timed finish. I wasn’t crazy about the Edge vs. Alberto Del Rio match, but knowing that it ended up being Edge’s final match, I appreciate it a little more since I would never see him compete again. That itself makes the makes it a little more special. I also loved the use of DMX and Nas for the main event video package. Wait. Did I really just point out that one of the best things at Wrestlemania was the intro videos to the main event? Moving on.

THINGS THAT MADE ME LOWER HEAD IN SHAME: I could just leave it at this one sentence and most people who care will know that this is enough to warrant a poor rating. The Miz is in the main event of Wrestlemania. He’s on last. Was he really that over as a heel? Other than that, Michael Cole as a heel announcer is so bad I almost turned off the show when he ruined a perfectly good match between Cody Rhodes and Rey Mysterio. His match with Jerry Lawler is just awful that it made the dead match featuring Snooki was more entertaining that that garbage. What a waste of a “Stone Cold” Steve Austin appearance. The Rock was just awful as the host. I won’t even discuss what actually happened in the main event. Just trust me. It was bad.

RANDOM THOUGHT: “Snooki’s appearance only rivals Mickey Rourke as the worst celebrity appearance of all time.”

MY ULTIMATE WRESTLEMANIA CARD RANKING: Ugh. What an awful card. The Undertaker vs. Triple H match was an excellent match, but even that wasn’t enough to pull this show out of the nosedive it started in. From the moment, The Rock opened the show, it felt like we were watching Raw and not the biggest card of the year. Is it worthy of the worst Wrestlemania of all time? Nope. The match quality was good enough to avoid doing the impossible of dethroning Wrestlemania 9 as the worst of all time. It almost passed Wrestlemania 1 for the second worst, but the Undertaker and Triple H bout saved it from that fate. In all, this was a show that was used to build hype for Wrestlemania 28, which is a disservice to the fans in Atlanta. They deserved so much better than a throwaway Wrestlemania. But a great match can only take the show so far, this was the third worst Wrestlemania ever.

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