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The Road to Wrestlemania

I’m going to Wrestlemania!

Those words forever mean something to me. As a kid growing up, Wrestlemania was always a big deal. In 2000, my parents allowed me and my brother, “Wrestlemania: All-Day Long,” which was essentially eight hours of old Wrestlemania moments right before the main card started.

This year, instead of watching it on PPV, I’m actually getting on a plane and heading to New York to watch the event live in person. This may sound incredibly nerdy and a historic waste of money, but considering that it was one of my life’s goals to witness a Wrestlemania live and in person, it’s worth it. I always thought it would have been Wrestlemania 30, personally, and coincidentally, somewhere in the New York area. Well, I’m one year early and maybe Wrestlemania 30 is possible, considering it is in New Orleans, another fine location to which I have never been.

I’m extremely excited to go on this trip. Ever since my good friend, Matt Maxson, proposed that I go to New York and watch Wrestlemania with him, I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I crunched numbers to see if financially I could handle such a major trip. Then my mom helped me out in a big way, providing me with her Southwest Airlines points, and allowed me to pay her an insanely cheaper rate for a flight. I booked a hotel and soon the trip was in major motion.

I’m heading to New York for the first time ever. I’ve never east of St. Louis, Mo., and traveling was always difficult since I never had money to do anything. The sadder truth was my dad works for United Airlines and I had access to air fare whenever I really wanted, and I never actually used such benefit, as my mind always went like this: “You need money to travel.”

I have so many ideas on what I want to do, and I’ll probably recap them all once I get there and post a few blogs from my hotel room. Let’s just say, it includes me being a pro wrestling geek, and watching some fine independent wrestling my first night there. Go figure right?

As for Wrestlemania itself, I’m slightly disappointed in what I will actually be watching come April 7. The card sorely lacks anything exciting matches, and I have a feeling on how each match will end. It’s not even the suspense of the journey that I’m looking forward to. Unless they have an elaborate plan for John Cena, he’s beating The Rock. I would offer some monetary prize to those who can disrupt this theory, but truthfully, it would be both a waste of that person’s time and money. CM Punk vs. Undertaker is an intriguing bout, but how much does ‘Taker have left? We all know Punk is working hurt and will probably take some time off here, so with him, my viewership probably disappears as I once again, find other things to do with my time come Monday.

Triple H vs. Brock Lesnar better be a no-holds barred sprint, where Triple H, who has been booked like he MUST win this bout, not necessarily for his career, but for the honor of his family, ultimately gets his win back over Brock. Funny side note, the last time someone was fighting Brock Lesnar for honor, magically defeated him.

Aside from that, the rest of the card is forgettable. In fact, I’ll probably look back at this card and say, “Man, it was cool live, but watching it on DVD is God-awful.”

But I’m not thinking about that right now. All I know is that I’m getting to utter a phrase that many pro wrestlers have said before in such glee and joy.




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