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Podcasts – How They’re Keeping Me Sane

So I haven’t really blogged about my new job with the Las Vegas Sun despite it being nearly six months since I left St. George, Utah for my hometown. Well, there hasn’t been much to talk about honestly. I’m doing the same job except with a different twist. I’m doing more desk work at the moment, which means a lot of time typing with Excel files, phone calls to public relations people and keeping up with more emails than I’ve had to in my many years of working. I love what I do. Like when I get to do a few sports stories here and there and a few business stories that are kind of taking me out of my comfort zone, but it’s a good little challenge.

With all that said, I’m also finding myself on Monday through Wednesday are my busiest days all considered. I don’t mind the chatter around the newsroom. It’s actually welcomed because it can break up the monotony of hearing keys being typed, but most of the time people get into their own little world and get really keyed in on what they’re doing.

I do the same, but I’ve quickly discovered that music doesn’t seem to do it for me. I tried it for a little bit, using Spotify to find music that is interesting and can help pass time. Then it quickly became a case of I was doing more singing along with songs rather than focusing on my work, which includes reading stories and updating them to make sure they’re not time sensitive.

Then I rediscovered Stitcher. It was an application on my phone that Glenn introduced to me a while back. I used it primarily to listen to Live Audio Wrestling, which provides me solid entertainment without being overly distracting, and ESPNU College Hoops podcast. It was when I went an entire day just searching for podcast to listen to on that one day that I realized how quickly the time moved while working at a steady pace that allowed me to not overthink that I’m moving too fast or too slow. One by one I started adding more and more podcast, finding that I like listening to them especially when I’m working on some arduous task.

So here are a list of a few on my weekly playlist:

  • Live Audio WrestlingSo I’m not going to lie. I enjoy this one the most because it’s a simple review RAW with some insight, review a random card picked by the host and a periodic interview when they uploaded it to Stitcher. This one is the one I listen to the most because it brings me back to my odd love of professional wrestling. I’ll save that for another post later this week, but truthfully, LAW Radio is a staple in my rotation.
  • ESPN U College Basketball: College basketball is probably my favorite sport out of them all. I like NBA too, but most podcast tend to be a recap of the last night’s games or some pandering argument about a specific group of players. This ESPN podcast is surprisingly entertaining as we get insight from former coach Seth Greenberg and Andy Katz. The two work well together, and I enjoy listening to their interviews of college coaches and players. Greenberg adds a lot to the podcast, and isn’t as frat-brother like CBS’ podcast is.
  • Nerdist: I would like to say that professional wrestler CM Punk led me to this podcast, which led me to add a few of their shows onto my playlist. Look, I’m a nerd at heart and enjoy listening to Chris Hardwick’s guest talk about a whatever topic he brings up. I also added their writer’s, and video game podcast to the list. I also have on their adventure podcast, which is a throwback to old-time radio story telling. Overall, whenever Nerdist updates their site, I will have a fresh group of podcast to help me through the day.

I’m always interested in adding more podcast to my list, and there are a bunch I didn’t list as I didn’t want to make this into one giant list of podcast. If you have any suggestions for more, go ahead and comment them. I’ll give them a try.


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