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Adding more technology

Did I really need this? Probably not, but it doesn’t hurt.

Today, I bought my third laptop. This time it’s a Google Chromebook, so I’m not really sure if you can call it a full fledged laptop.

I didn’t buy the Chromebook because there is anything wrong with my MacBook, which turned five in February. I didn’t buy a Chromebook because I needed another piece of technology.

I have enough that I’m still trying to figure out the roles of each piece of technology. I truly feel like a basketball coach trying to figure what players fit in what roles. Between a MacBook, iPad and now the Chromebook, I have three pieces of portable technology that essentially can serve fit the same role.

So why did I buy another laptop? It’s pretty much I needed a backup to my MacBook. It turned five in February, and while its health is pretty good, things turn quickly with older machines. I bought this computer with the intent of having it as as computer that will be my workhorse computer. I’m going to use this computer as much as I can since all I do at home is surf the internet, write in Google Docs and chat on some sort of AIM-related client. I’ll only use the MacBook when I need its power or need it to log onto the company-based VPN network (until Google Chrome OS develops a solid VPN client).

I mean, I’m already liking this. It’s extremely lightweight. It boots up quickly. I’ve customized this to my computer using habits. Overall, I’m happy with this purchase. I can already sense this computer will allow my MacBook to be used in small doses. Maybe, I’ll post a full review on this Chromebook after a while

Now, to figure out what I use this iPad for.


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