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It’s that time of the year where I embrace the math geek in me and start playing fantasy football. I’ve been playing since elementary school. Well sixth grade, but even then I was somewhat decent then. I can’t say I’m a consistent winner, it tends to depend on how close my projections get to the actual. We’ll see how it goes.

This season, I’m playing in five leagues — a career high. I expect me to lose track of one or two, but at least I took part in the draft.

On Sunday, three leagues drafted, so I’m posting my draft results here.

Team No. 1 — Graham-ER Counts (Draft Position: 6 out of 10 on the snake)
QBs: Robert Griffin III, Ryan Fitzpatrick
RBs: LeSean McCoy, Adrian Peterson, Steven Jackson,  Ben Tate, Toby Gerhart
WR: Greg Jennings, Brandon Lloyd, Jeremy Maclin, Malcolm Floyd
TE: Antonio Gates
K: Josh Scobee
DEF: New York Jets

Thoughts: I like the potential of this team. I got McCoy at a discounted rate — No. 6 overall — and loaded up on grabbing Adrian Peterson and Steven Jackson. Both Peterson and Jackson have issues coming into 2012, but if they’re anything near what I expect from them (RB2 and RB3 production) with the potential they reach their RB1 level, then I’m in good shape. I got some good receivers, given how deep the position is. I’m not overly sure on what to expect from my receivers as they can easily be three guys with WR1 potential, but end up performing like WR2s and WR3s. Antonio Gates is a top-5 tight end, and has the potential to do what the top tight ends — Jimmy Graham and Rob Gronkowski can do. Quarterback is a big concern. By drafting running backs and receivers, I missed out on a can’t-miss top 10 quarterback. So I reached on the upside of Robert Griffin III, while pairing it with Ryan Fitzpatrick. The quarterback position will decide if I win a title or not (aside from injuries of course).

Team No. 2 — Gerhart and Bear It (Draft Position: 1 out of 10 on the snake)
QB: Michael Vick, Matt Ryan, Jay Cutler and Andrew Luck
RB: Arian Foster, Adrian Peterson, Matt Forte, Toby Gerhart and Cedric Benson
WR: Brandon Marshall, DeSean Jackson, Robert Meacham, Torrey Smith
TE: Jacob Tamme
K: Alex Henery 
Def: Packers

Thoughts: I absolutely love this team. I mean, it’s easy when you draft No. 1 overall, but the fact that some players fell to me that I highly valued. Running backs are top of the top. I have the consensus No. 1 back (Foster), a year-in and year-out top 10 back (Forte) and a recovering former No. 1 pick (Peterson). I also picked up Peterson’s back-up (Gerhart) and took a flyer on Benson, who is on the Packers. Wide receiver is not as loaded as it can be, but with Marshall’s potential and a motivated Jackson, I expect big things. Toss in upside grabs Smith and Meacham, I’m excited to see what happens. Quarterback, I decided to take the high-risk, high-reward player in Vick. He’s one of my favorite players, but he has a tendency to get hurt, so I picked up Matt Ryan as his handcuff. Unfortunately, they share a bye week, meaning I needed another quarterback. That’s when I picked up Cutler to fill that bye week in. I grabbed Andrew Luck late to take a shot at the rookie. Tight end is weak, but I considered Peyton Manning’s love of tight ends, so I grabbed the Broncos big man. If all things play out properly, I fully expect this team to contend for a title.

Team No. 3 — Alex Smith & Wesson (Draft Position: 4 out of 12 on the snake)
QB: Tom Brady
RB: Matt Forte, Beanie Wells, DeAngelo Williams, Rashad Jennings, Michael Bush, Toby Gerhart, Kendall Hunter and Felix Jones
WR: Greg Jennings, Steve Smith, Dwayne Bowe
TE: Antonio Gates
K: Matt Prater
DEF: Detroit

Thoughts: Um. This is a prime example of what started so well turned out awful on paper. This team doesn’t look all that impressive, but I think there is potential for gold here. If three of my EIGHT running backs pan out to be anything worthy, then my lotto tickets would have paid off. That said, I do have a clear advantage at quarterback and at tight end (against eight of the 11 teams). Everything else is a gamble.

I have to more leagues to draft —Taiwan Jonesing for Food and Chad Long Johnsons. Hopefully those end up more like Team 2 than Team 3.


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