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Finally, a chance

Honestly, I haven’t forgotten about this blog. It’s just been difficult to make time to really sit down — or in this case laying in bed — to organize my thoughts and put them onto digital paper. So I decided when I came home from work, that I was going to make a noble attempt to really make just a quick hitting blog post with some recaps with what has been up with me recently.

UFC Expo: This event never gets old I met so many fighters, and took pictures with them. The thing I love about MMA is how down to Earth, the fighters are. It’s always nice to walk around and find fighters that nobody recognizes and take pictures with them. I mean, there’s not much else to say other than I had a blast.

Team USA Camp: This occurs roughly every two years with Olympic years being more crowded than World Championship years. I was glad to work alongside some of the best professionals, and got to interview some players one-on-one like Kevin Love, Tyson Chandler, Gordon Hayward, Derrick Favors, Russell Westbrook. I was also around Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant and Blake Griffin.

Vacation to SF: This ended up being the baseball vacation. I went to six Oakland A’s games for less than $100. I’m pretty happy with it. I got to see my favorite team play a lot, and I’m excited to see how the rest of this season will play out. I also got to hang out with a my cousin, uncle, dad and a lot of my good friends. I was glad they were more than willing to come with me to Oakland and sit in that cavernous stadium, watching the Green and Gold.

New Hair: For the first time in 13 years, I decided to change my hairstyle. It was a matter of doing something different. I saw a hairstyle through a website and I went after it, and it turned out to work out in the end. I may keep this hairstyle for a little while because it’s fun to see what I can do with it. It seems like I can change it up from time to time with different patterns thanks to the forming cream that I use instead of gel — which I grew deathly afraid of after numerous failed attempts to style my hair.

Relationship Status: Nothing to see here move along.

Fitness Level: Two years ago, I went through a transformation where I dropped 32 pounds in the summer of 2010. It was a combination of things that led to that weight loss — none of which can be attributed to heavy work out. Well, two years later, I put the weight back on and it’s discouraging. So I decided to start the intense workout known as Insanity. I’m just going to leave it at that. We’ll see how I am in 60 days.

Work: Prep season has begun again, and I begin the 2012 with a sense of accomplishment. I finished third in the Utah Society of Professional Journalists competition for “Personality Profile.” At first, I was disappointed, then I realized that I finished third in a non-sports category. I was over it, then I got a wonderful text message from Glenn Judah, who told me that I finished first in the Utah-Idaho-Spokane Associated Press Sports Non-Deadline story. I looked it up and discovered that I also finished second, accomplishing a goal I had set out for myself to not just finish first, but also finish second in the same category. Odd goal? Yeah, but hey, I accomplished it. Aside from that, we had a learn new system that I absolutely love. Some of my co-workers dislike it, but I guess I embraced the change faster and learned how to work within the confines of it.

Phew. There you go. A post for you.

Check out a photo gallery of what I did by clicking, here.


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