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Why I Love Sports

Sometimes, you have to push buttons to prove a point.

Saturday was an interesting sports day.

It was probably one of the most loaded sports days in a while. I’ll keep it simple, however, by only listing the events that I cared about.

There was Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals (Heat won), the Euro 2012 (Germany and Denmark won) and a Manny Pacquiao vs. Tim Bradley (Bradley stole a win).

Then after all of those things happened, a friend of mine, Anthony, posted that he stood behind his team, the Celtics, and he was proud of them. He had every right to be. The Celtics were counted out because they were an older squad facing a 66-game season, which didn’t play in their advantage. So it was essentially a surprise that they got all the way to the Eastern Conference Finals and pushed arguably the best team in the East to seven games on guile, heart, smarts and toughness.

I, being the jerk I am, took this an opportunity to reveal in his team’s failure. Why? Because he had earlier posted on his Facebook status mocking the 49ers. I, being who I am, took offense to it. But in all honesty, I was just doing so to prove a point — that I take sports seriously, just like he did.

He loves the Celtics. He loves Manny Pacquiao.

That’s fine.

Sports live and thrive with fans like Anthony.

That’s the beauty of all of this. He proved something that I knew: he loved a team so much that they couldn’t do wrong. He called the 49ers’ run a fluke, and that’s no big deal. As it stands right now, it technically is until August comes rolling around.

Was I jerk to revel in Anthony’s misery after watching his team lose and witness an end of an era? Of course. I’m fully aware, but that’s the beauty of sports. No matter what I said to him or ridiculed his team, he’s going to wake up tomorrow morning, bleeding Celtic green and rooting for Kevin Garnett, the same way I rooted for the Kyle Williams, Frank Gore and the 49ers.

Truth is, a lot of people were disappointed on Saturday. A lot of people were outraged about Manny Pacquiao. But in that same token, a lot of people were elated.

That’s the beauty of sports.

Something as insignificant as a sporting event can unite a group of people together in misery and joy.

That’s a victory no matter who you root for.


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