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New NBA team chosen

Luckily they make a black-and-white Jazz hat.

After a month-long quest to find a new a new NBA team to root for, I made my decision official today. I’m going to start rooting for the Utah Jazz.

I was impressed with my visit on March 30. Despite losing to the Sacramento Kings, who were also a finalist in this ridiculously drawn out decision process, I saw something I liked in the Jazz. The fans are a passionate bunch, and I enjoy seeing my Twitter feed blow up on Jazz game nights. They’re also a young team with a lot of potential. Are they title contenders like my former team? No, but I enjoy the process of trying to put together a winner. With the Jazz, I see hope for a team that year-in and year-out will contend for a playoff spot and with the addition of a down-to-earth superstar can become something really special.

Choosing the Jazz was easy, I’ve known this for quite some time now. In case you weren’t following on Twitter, I dropped hints that I was slowly embracing Jazz fandom. The major thing was proximity. I’m in Saint George, meaning I get to see all of the Jazz games or can listen to them on the radio. I can even drive up for a few games during the season.

That said, however, the process did make me realize something.

I realized that I love basketball. I went through every team in the league and came to the conclusion that for every Ramon Sessions, Luke Babbit and JaVale McGee, there were guys I’d root for like John Wall, O.J. Mayo, Kemba Walker and DeMarcus Cousins. Every team had at least two or three players that I enjoy watching. I love NBA basketball. Not as much as college basketball, but it’s essentially the same sport.

Either way, it’s nice to be rooting for a team again. I swear, rooting for just players just wasn’t as fun.


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