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CONCEPT: Jeremy Passion – Pixelated Music Video

Jeremy Passion — Pixelated
Paul Film #1
Written: 1/5/12
Overview: Set in a major metropolitan city, we take a small look into a long distance couple as they struggle to deal with the distance. If Passion is secured, then we intercut clips of Passion singing his song, serving as the inner singing voice of our main character. If not, we shall use our main character to sing the song. The ultimate goal is to convey the sheer emotion that is in the song — feelings of loneliness matched with hope.
First Verse: We open in an airport where we see John giving a kiss to his girlfriend as she prepares to get in line at the security checkpoint. He gives her one last goodbye wave, before he turns around and walks away. Jump cut to him getting into his car, where he pushes play on his car’s CD player and the song begins to play. We ride with John as he sings the song for a few seconds until we cut to a scene where he’s home. He goes straight to his computer and sees that his girlfriend had left him a message before she got onto the plane. He looks at photos she sent him in an email, and takes a gander at the gift she made and gave him before she left. John looks down at the keyboard holding back tears as he turns around and walks toward his guitar. 
As Passion sings, “Oh and I can’t seem to understand why,” John begins playing the guitar.
First Chorus: John strums on the guitar and sings the song as he looks as a slideshow of him and his girlfriend play on his computer. He continues to play as his clothes change and a small calendar in the corner flipping through the days. In the background, times will change as well and his desks gets more cluttered with more items that his girlfriend has sent him. 
Second Verse: As the second verse begins, we jump cut to John, who is sitting at a coffee shop with his laptop. All around him are couples kissing, laughing, holding hands and enjoying spending time with their significant others. He has a look of disappointment as he cannot connect on the internet. He picks up his iPhone and sees she has posted status updates on Twitter, Facebook. He tries to connect with her through Facetime on the phone, and he finally gets a hold of her. His demeanor changes from sad/anger to happy as he talks with her. He laughs. She laughs. As Passion sings, “Through lag disconnections,” the connection drops off. He goes back to being sad and sends her a text message, saying he loves her and will see her soon. 
As Passion sings, “Oh and I can’t understand why,” John puts on his ear buds and listens to the same song on his iPhone. 
Second Chorus: John sings the chorus while at work. The song continues as more days pass with the calendar and the clothing changes. 
Breakdown: As the Passion begins to break down into the final part of the second chorus, we cut to a shot of John as he walks up to his condo and throws his keys onto the counter and goes back to his computer. John stares as his computer as it attempts to connect to Skype and iChat. As Passion is singing, “Connecting. Still connecting,” he is trying to connect. Then when Passion sings “Oh I’m waiting,” he feels a tap on his shoulder and he turns around to see his girlfriend standing behind him. As Passion sings, “So Pixelated,” the couple takes a picture and the camera zooms in to make the photo pixelated. Fade to black.

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