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I couldn’t sleep, so I began writing and this is what I came up with. I’m not too happy with it, but hell, I wrote it and decided to post it.

“Hey, Robby, what do you think of this dress?” Dawn asked as she walked out of her room. She was wearing a black and red cocktail dress with a pair of black open-toed flats. There weren’t any straps, exposing her well-toned shoulders. The bottom of the dress had frills and the end of the dress was a few inches above her knees. Dawn filled out the dress nicely, hugging the natural curves of her body. She was by no means a skinny girl, but she maintained a weight considered healthy for someone who stood 5-foot-5. She did a small pirouette, giving Rob a closer look.

Rob looked up and down, making sure to take in every possible angle to get a good idea. As he gawked, she squinted her brown eyes through the thinly rimmed oval lenses of her glasses. She crossed her arms, before Rob finally uttered, “Simply stunning. Like a more tanned version Kelly Clarkson.”

She rolled her eyes.

“Oh God, I look terrible,” Dawn said, releasing a sigh and slumping her shoulders. She began walking back to her room, prompting Rob to stand up and grab gently her by the arm before she could get inside of her bedroom. He stared into her eyes, and reminded her that he always thought she looked beautiful and nothing was going to change that. Rob gave her a hug, whispering in her ear, “Let your hair down and just let go.” Dawn rested her head on his shoulder, and Rob lowered head on hers, taking in her scent. He recognized it immediately. It was the body wash he had given her for her birthday from Bed, Bath and Body Works. It was an intoxicating smell, drawing him closer and he hugged her tighter.

Bzzzt. Bzzzt. Dawn’s cell phone was going off. She looked at it and put the phone back down on the counter, not responding to the text message that had just been sent. “You should get dressed,” Dawn urged Rob. They broke their embrace, and she went back into her room as Rob walked into the bathroom with all of his clothes neatly collected on a hanger. He hung the hanger on the door knob and went over to the sink. Rob splashed his face with water. Then he grabbed the green, mint-flavored mouthwash and poured it into a blue disposable cup. Rob took a swig and began swishing the liquid in his mouth, counting the seconds in his head. He felt the burning sensation, reminding himself that he needed to not only look good, but also smell good. When the 45 seconds passed, he spit out the foamy liquid into the sink and picked up his toothbrush. He brushed in small circles, meticulously making sure every bit of tooth was scrubbed by the bristles of his toothbrush. He rinsed his mouth with water, checking his teeth. He searched high and a low for any spots of plaque, and when he didn’t find any he nodded his head in the mirror.

Then Rob pulled down the pair of brown shorts he was wearing, stripping down to a pair of black boxers. He put on a pair of black slacks, perfectly ironed without a wrinkle to be found. Rob fastened the belt around his waste, finding the right notch that fit his pants firmly to his body. He pulled the black T-shirt over his head and tossed it on the floor. Rob He put on a red shirt, matching the shade of red on Dawn’s dress, making sure to line up all the buttons. He tucked in the shirt and looked in the mirror as he put on a black and silver tie around his neck.

“Hurry up, we’re going to be late. You take as long as a girl,” Dawn yelled.

Rob opened the door, squinted his dark brown eyes and stuck out his tongue at her before closing the door again. He squeezed some gel out of a bottle and ran his hands through his hair. He made sure the front had a slight part, and spiked the hair behind it, creating a control chaos hairstyle. He washed his hands, clearing the gooey substance off of his hands. Rob dabbed on a little bit of cologne on his wrists and put some on his neckline. He grabbed a black vest with white pinstripes off of his hanger and put it on buttoning it all the way up. He did one last check in the mirror and nodded. Before he walked out, Rob pulled out a tiny box out of the pocket. He opened it, revealing a beautiful diamond ring. He gently reminded himself that he could muster up the courage to go through with what he was planning to do. He stared at the ring, and he knew what it meant. His friends were always reminding him that he was a fool at 25 years old to be getting married. It didn’t matter. He was going to go through with the idea.

Rob put the ring back into his pocket and did one last check of his look. He cupped his hand against his mouth and exhaled into it to see if his breath had gone bad. He smiled when it still had the minty fresh smell to it. Rob flicked off the light as he opened the door and he saw that Dawn was ready to go as she sat on the couch. She had her clutch in her hand. Her brown hair with blonde highlights was out of the ponytail that had restricted it earlier. It rested gently on her shoulders. He took a seat next to her, and put on a pair of black socks and matching shoes. The two stood up. Rob took the keys off the coffee table, and opened the door for Dawn. She walked through the door and smiled.

They walked down the stairs of her apartment complex, and over to the stall where his Mazada 3 was parked. He opened the passenger side door for her. She flashed a smile, before taking a seat. Rob did one last check to make sure she was completely in the car and he closed the door. He sprinted to his side of the car, got in and started the car. He backed out of the stall, and when he was about to switch the car into first gear, his phone began vibrating. He put his foot on the brake and checked the message. He shrugged and put the phone away, and began driving out of the complex.

The two remained silent, but at every red light, Rob would take a second to take a glance over at Dawn. She would always catch him looking at him, and each time she just smiled and shook her head. He couldn’t help but take a moment to take in her beauty. He loved everything about her from her small button nose, her dreamy round eyes which had a bit of smoky eye shadow and gentle pair of lips which had a hint of lipstick placed on them.

“Why do you keep looking at me?” she finally quipped.

Rob didn’t have an answer for her, just replying, “Because you’re beautiful.” Dawn began blushing, shaking her head at what he had just said. She didn’t know how to respond. Soon the car arrived at a restaurant and Rob put the car in neutral and pulled up his parking brake.

“We’ll we’re here,” Rob started to say, before he was interrupted by Dawn’s cell phone which was buzzing at regular intervals, signaling a phone call. She put up a finger, and answered, “Hey honey.” Rob stopped talking as Dawn told the person on the phone that Rob was dropping her off and that they were there and she was just getting out of the car.

“Love you too. I can’t wait until tomorrow,” she said as she hung up the phone and placed it back into her matching red and black clutch.

“Well Rob, thank you for the ride. I’ll see you tomorrow at the wedding right with Holly right?” Dawn asked, making sure she had everything. Rob nodded his head, before turning his eyes to the clock on his dashboard.

“Don’t be worry too much about tonight. Thomas was nervous when he proposed to me. She loves you, and I’m sure she’ll say yes,” Dawn reassured him. “Don’t keep her waiting. You’ll be fine.”

The two shared a small embrace, and Dawn let herself out of the car. She walked into the restaurant. Rob watched her every step, releasing a sigh. He shook his head, and began driving toward a restaurant where Holly was waiting for him. He pulled out his cell phone and typed, “I’m on my way.” He began driving, and his phone buzzed again and all it said was, “OK. See you soon.” Rob put the phone down and headed to where his girlfriend and, hopefully, future fiancee was waiting.


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