Top 3: Favorite Sports

I’m a sports writer. I like most sports and am willing to write about all of them. It may take a few times for me to learn the finer technical aspects of the game, but honestly once I get past that stage, I can start breaking down and become an overall better fan of the sport.

But the question that many people always ask me: “What is your favorite sport?” Now I
can go on and on about the order of my favorite sports. That in itself will take a lot of time. So I decided that I’m just going to post my top 3 favorite sports of all time and explain what I like most about it.
1. Basketball
I love hoops. For as long I could remember, I’ve always liked basketball. The first sports games I remember playing isn’t Madden or Techmo Bowl, but rather basketball games — NBA Jam, NBA Live, College Slam (the college version of NBA Jam) and other hoops games. I always loved playing them. I also liked watching games because my dad loved basketball. He liked watching the Lakers play because of Magic Johnson’s versatility. It must have rubbed off on me somehow because I find myself wanting to cover basketball more than anything else. Hell, every late March I get to go on my hoops bender where I get to experience as much basketball as I possibly could. But the love goes awfully deep. For example, when I tried to create an elementary school newspaper back in the second grade, I wrote about the NCAA Tournament, and I remember writing about a school that eventually became my college — UNLV — in the story. I also tried designing plays for basketball as a second grader, which weren’t that good because it very seldom used off-ball screens. Either way, basketball is my favorite sport because it’s pure. All you need is shoes, hoop and a ball. Simple.

2. Mixed Martial Arts

– Mixed martial arts is a relatively new sport to the mainstream. But to me, it has always been a part of life. When I was a child, I loved the movie “Bloodsport.” Every time I see that movie, it brings back memories — though back then I didn’t like watching Chong Li step on Ray Jackson’s head (part still trips me out.) I eventually began doing tae kwon do for seven years, earning a black belt that is — somehow — still one of my biggest athletic accomplishments. I always wanted to watch UFCs when it first started, but unfortunately, I didn’t have the power to convince my parents to order the pay-per-view events, so the interest in the sport went dormant until I got to my sophomore year of high school. That year, I became a huge Japanese pro wrestling fan and some of the wrestlers tested their hand at MMA — mostly to terrible results. I also recall watching Robbie Lawler knocking out fools on the Fox Sports Network. But the UFC didn’t interest me as much as PRIDE did. I immersed with PRIDE and any type of fighting rom Japan, and eventually that love for the sport translated into watching countless UFCs and to this day I’m a fan and it is my second favorite sport.

3. Soccer
Alright, this one is the sport that usually trips people out. How can I love soccer more than American football? Well, it was the first sport I learned how to play that’s why. Other than basketball and karate, soccer was my third favorite. I can’t really explain my love of soccer. Maybe because I played it more than baseball — parents didn’t want to pay for me to play the sport. I was always captivated by the sport’s creativity and the joy the
players played with. I remember staying up late or waking up early to catch World Cup games before school and work. My favorite player of all-time is Michael Owen. Don’t ask why. I can’t explain it.
I like American football. I even like hockey. But those are my top 3 sports.

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