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Trip to Salt Lake City Musing No. 2 — Spider-Man 2

Superhero movies have become a staple of the film industry. With a fan base already built in, it’s a matter of picking the right superhero to make a movie about and BOOM a big weekend. This year alone, we have Thor, Green Lantern, Captain America and the very forgettable Green Hornet getting films.

I haven’t seen Thor or the Green Hornet and I don’t have any plans to. I want to see the Green Lantern and Captain America though, but will either one surpass my favorite superhero movie of all-time, Spider-Man 2?
Probably not.
As I sat in my hotel room after covering a soccer game, I went onto Netflix to see if Spider-Man 2 was available on Instant Queue. Unfortunately, it wasn’t. Luckily I caught the end of it on HBO as if it was a reward for going through such an interesting morning, which featured an up-and-down ride from anger to relief to expectation to disappointment.
I caught the point of the film where Mary Jane and Peter are talking in the cafe about his feelings for her, and when she asks him to kiss her. If you don’t know what happens, I’ll say that a car goes through the window and Doc Ock kidnaps Mary Jane as a way to goad Spider-Man through Peter. I can go on and on about the scene and just retype the plot, but I’ll just say that scene is one of my favorites.
So what makes this movie the best superhero film ever? First, I cared about all the characters. I cared about Peter and his struggle between giving up what he really wants and doing his civic duty to protect New York City. I cared about Mary Jane, who struggled with her feelings for Peter and how she can’t wait forever for the man of her dreams. I cared about Doc Ock and how his pride to perfect his experiment led to his ultimate downfall. The CGI was nicely done, since it is impossible to do Spider-Man right without the aid of computer graphics. I’m not a huge fan of Tobey McGuire, but he really did well in his role in this movie. Kirsten Dunst is Kirsten Dunst and take that for what it’s worth. Alfred Molina was perfect as Doc Ock. Even James Franco did great as he made Harry Osborne stand out in a cast full of great characters.
The plot was well written, and I enjoyed the 128 minutes. My lone gripe is how Spider-Man was unmasked on the subway, but it’s a minor complaint for one of my favorite movies.
The movie was easily the best in the series and I doubt the new Spider-Man can top it. Too bad Spider-Man 3 was such a letdown, despite it having my second favorite Spider-Man villain — Venom (Carnage is No. 1).
I’m sure there are people who will read this and say, “Wait, what about Batman Begins or The Dark Knight? Those were great movies as well as being superhero films.” My response: I hate Batman. I haven’t seen either movie and I refuse on that basis alone.
Can’t like a movie if I don’t like the superhero right?

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